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RLS Hawaii - Property Rentals for the Hawaiian Islands
Welcome to RLS Hawaii

RLS Hawaii -  Rental Listing Service Hawaii, your Source for Rentals or Leases in Hawaii.

Aloha and Welcome to the Hawaii Rental Listing Service (RLS), where we list Hawaii rental properties for all the major Hawaiian Islands.
The (RLS) Rental Listing Service is patterned after the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) utilized throughout our country to market real estate properties for sale. Now, rental properties can be listed on the RLS, just like MLS properties, and can be easily found by renters and tenants searching for Hawaii home rentals, and Hawaii vacation rentals, as well as agricultural leases, business space, and commercial properties in Hawaii. We have included many features, within the RLS website, such as our "HomeFindersService",  to help the person looking for Hawaii rentals, and have included numerous features for the landlord, owner, or property manager, to list and display their Hawaii rental properties. The RLS System was produced by a cooperative effort from both property management and computer technology personnel. It was designed to be faster, and less labor-intensive for the person searching for a Hawaii rental and has special features to enable the owner and property manager to list their properties for rent in the Hawaiian Islands.
Hawaii Rental Listing Service iis a company based entirely in the State of Hawaii. We know Hawaii, the islands, the locations, and the people. We have RLS representatives that are based on each of the major Hawaiian Islands to provide local individual assistance to owners and property managers.

We can and should be your "one stop shop" for Hawaii home rentals, long-term or short-term rentals, Hawaii vacation rentals, as well as agricultural leases, business space, and commercial rental properties in Hawaii.

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We'll then notify you via email immediately when new listing matching your requirements becomes available.

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We are a member of NARPM and abide by the Fair Housing Laws. Click on the Links below for more information.


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